Karen Farrington - "Horrors of War" - Indbunden udgave i stor format fra 1995 med engelsk tekst - 80 sider - Meget flot - Pris - 19,50 kr.

Honour, chivalry, mercy, even pride are sometimes thought of as the nobier sentiments generated by war. Yet no war is without its share of atrocities and horrors, and in some respects World War II surpassed in evil all that had gone before in the bloody annals of conflict. War is an experience that can bring out the very worst - as well as the very best - in man.
The obsessive racial hatred that led to a Nazi policy of genocide, the pointless brutalities of the Japanese towards unarmed prisoners supposedly in their care. The medical experiments. The random shootings are all episodes that horrify us even half a century later.
A vivid narrative relates the darkest side of World War Il, while personal accoufits bring to chilling life the experiences of men and women who suffered at the hands of the SS, witnessed brutal massacres. Or watched comrades drop like flies while building a railway through a jungle.